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We are a Yorkshire based charity that redistribute surplus office furniture to good causes throughout the UK and abroad. Wherever possible we operate a zero landfill policy.


Facts and figures

The UK produces 434 million tonnes of waste each year. Households produce in the region of 30 million tonnes every year. 73% of this waste goes to landfill, even though 90% is recoverable and could be recycled, reused or used for compost purposes.

One tonne of waste deposited into landfill produces between 200 and 400 cubic metres of landfill gas. Landfill sites released 32% of the UK's methane emissions in 2009. Methane is approximately 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Allowing methane to escape into the atmosphere has significant implications in terms of the global warming problem that the Earth faces.

By recycling more unwanted items, traditionally deemed as 'rubbish', that in turn means that less waste is sent to landfill. This leads to the release of less methane into the atmosphere, resulting in less of an impact in terms of global warming, and less leachate seeping into the earth and damaging our already fragile eco system.

Households, shops, businesses and manufacturers all have a role to play in protecting the our environment and in reducing the level of waste that is produced and discarded. Figures suggest at current rates of waste disposal the United Kingdom will exceed our landfill limits in or around 2018. This is a grave cause for concern on so many different levels and we all need to take action immediately.

How do we do it?

Green Furniture Aid clears offices of unwanted furniture and other miscellaneous supplies and diverts them back into use by giving them to charities and not-for-profit organisations. Businesses, local authorities and educational institutions benefit because we take care of their recycling on their behalf by shredding furniture that is no longer fit for use and relocating that which is.

How can we help you?

Our aim this year is to divert over 20,000 tons of surplus office furniture away from landfill. We can provide businesses, schools, colleges, universities, charities and non-profit organisations throughout England, Scotland and Wales with office furniture clearance and office furniture recycling services.

How can you help us?

Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding recycling any office products.

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